CCTV Camera Singapore Certis Cisco Camera Cisco Camera Installation Configuration Setup

CCTV Camera Singapore Certis Cisco Camera Cisco Camera Installation Configuration Setup
CCTV Camera Singapore Certis Cisco Camera Cisco Camera Installation Configuration Setup
CCTV Camera Singapore Certis Cisco Camera Cisco Camera Installation Configuration Setup

CCTV Camera Singapore Certis Cisco Camera Cisco Camera Installation Configuration Setup

According to the same standards, the “Number of Effective Pixels” that an image sensor or digital camera has is the count of pixel sensors that contribute to the final image,

including pixels not in said image but nevertheless support the image filtering process), as opposed to the number of total pixels, which includes unused or light-shielded pixels around the edges.

Modern HD specifications date to the early 1980s, when Japanese engineers developed the High Vision 1,125-line interlaced TV standard (also called MUSE) that ran at 60 frames per second.

High-definition digital video was not possible with uncompressed video due to impractically high memory and bandwidth requirements, with a bit-rate exceeding 1 Gbps for full HD video.

Motion-compensated DCT compression significantly reduced the amount of memory and bandwidth required for digital video, capable of achieving a data compression ratio of around

100:1 compared to uncompressed video.

frame or field rate can also be specified without a resolution. For example, 24p means 24 progressive scan frames per second and

50i means 25 progressive frames per second, consisting of 50 interlaced fields per second.

High-definition signals require a high-definition television or computer monitor in order to be viewed.

Certis Cisco is Singapore largest CCTV Installers.

Protecting Home, Office, Shops, Shopping Malls, Banks, ATM, Casino, Airport, Government Ministries.

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CCTV Camera Singapore Certis Cisco Camera Cisco Camera Installation Configuration Setup

Evolution of Certis

Certis started in 1958 as the Guard and Escort Unit under the Police Force, and became a statutory board known as “The Commercial & Industrial Security Corporation” (CISCO) thereafter.

Incorporated on 1 June 2005 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings, Certis has always been recognised as CISCO, the leading physical security provider in Singapore that secures key installations and the key player in Singapore’s cash ecosystem. As a member of the global security community, Certis has been admitted into the International Security Ligue since 2008.

Backed by 60 years of experience in rich physical security heritage, deep market insights and patented technology innovations, Certis is a trusted advanced integrated security services provider for businesses around the globe.

Certis today

Certis is a leading advanced integrated security organisation that develops and delivers multi-disciplinary security and integrated services. As a unique specialist operations-technology outsourcing partner, Certis integrates advanced security, technology, facilities management, customer service and talent to build and operate bespoke solutions for complex, critical operations that extend beyond security. Our design-for-purpose solutions are led by an extensive track record of running operations and design thinking to drive operational efficiencies and deliver business-critical outcomes for our customers.

CCTV Camera Singapore Certis Cisco Cisco Camera Installation Configuration

History of Certis, formerly Certis CISCO Security Private Limited and CISCO Security Private Limited, is one of the five commercial Auxiliary Police forces authorized to provide armed security officers to government organizations as well as private companies or individuals in Singapore. Certis originated from the Guard and Escort unit of the Singapore Police Force (SPF), which was separated from the SPF as the Commercial and Industrial Security Corporation (CISCO) in 1972 as a statutory board with a monopoly over most areas of the local private armed security industry.

From 1 June 2005, the statutory board was dissolved and Cisco Security Pte Ltd was formed upon its corporatisation as a fully owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings,[1] and inaugurated on 5 July 2005.[2] 

The abbreviation of the former statutory board, “CISCO”, was retained due to its reputation in the local market. The company was renamed as Certis CISCO Security Pte Ltd on 13 September 2007[3] and as Certis Group in 2018.

Cisco Annual Security Report on 20 January 2016 reveals a decline in defender confidence and the increased impact of industrialised attackers.

As the oldest Auxiliary Police Force with a monopoly over most of the private armed security sector in Singapore for 33 years, CISCO maintains a visible presence in many key establishments, including the private residences of VVIPs. They were deployed in major events such as the Singapore 2006 IMF Meetings, the New Year Countdown at Marina Bay in 2007 and 2008, the Chingay Parade and the Thaipusam processions. They also continue to dominate some services such as the transportation of valuables, most visibly in the form of delivering cash to automated teller machines.

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