Why Biometric Reader Time Attendance

  • RFID based time and attendance systems have a big loophole: buddy punching.

    For example:  Y come Lately, delayed on his way to work, can ask fellow employee Z to swipe Lately’s RFID employee badge through the time clock. The time clock will faithfully record Lately’s attendance before he arrives, and the employer will pay Lately for time that he didn’t work..

  • Biometric time systems eliminate buddy punching because they are inextricably linked to the employee, not to a token such as an employee badge or a time card.

  • Biometric Time Attendance Reader will have the same format in size and thickness as the standardized plastic cards circulated to all employees. All 10 fingers of every employee will be recorded into their individual smart card.

  • Biometric Time Attendance Reader will be installed at every entry & exit doors where every employee can show their work begin punch & work end punch.

  • System verifies Fingerprint with card in less than 1 second and it supports up to 3,000 Finger + 5,000 Card employee registrations in one device

  • If employee strength is less than 1500 then there is no need to use Card and only fingerprint verification is sufficient.

BIOMETRIC TIME ATTENDANCE READER Fingerprint scanning uses either optical methods or silicon sensors to extract a visual image.

Optical fingerprint scanners are more durable and provide better image quality than silicon sensors.

As gruesome as the thought may be, one advantage of silicon readers is the ability to measure blood vessel movement to determine if a finger is a live finger.

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