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Temperature Screening Anti CoronaVirus Thermal Scanner Thermal Camera Thermal Imaging

Temperature Screening Anti CoronaVirus Thermal Scanner Thermal Camera Thermal Imaging

Get the most reliable Body Temperature Scanner from Choicecycle SGCCTV!

Cheapest Temperature Screening Device at $69.90 with stand. (Model K3 Pro)

Portable Thermal Scanner with Camera & Screen, PC Software, recording tracking past records. Detect and identify unwell People before entering into your premises from $990.00 with Professional Stand. (BT65301)

No more Security Officers & Staffs taking Temperature!! Deploy to better ROI (return of investment) rather than sit there and look look see see, why endanger your staff??
Fully Automated Temperature Gun with WIFI + Alarm + Mobile App + SD Card Storage + PC Software BT65204W $1480.00 with stand. 
Upon Visitors & Staffs arrived, Self Check at BT65204W, if Healthy – Testing Passed.
If Unhealthy – Siren will goes off, warning busy serving Supervisors Managers up to 30 meters. Up to 4 Mobile Phones with Pictures will be Alert, pop up by APP. 

Professional Multi Screening up to 30 persons with PC Software – Thermal Scanner with Tripod Monitor plus Installation $2280.00 (exclude PC) – (BT65206)

Anti CoronaVirus | Thermal Scanner | Thermal Camera | Thermal Imaging | Temperature Screening

Tourism arrivals and receipts for 2020 will take a significant hit as a result of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), but Singapore’s tourism sector is aiming for a strong recovery on the back of four years of consecutive growth, a compelling pipeline of tourism investments, and efforts to build new capabilities. In addition, the government will form a public-private sector Tourism Recovery Action Task Force to lay out the plans for recovery and future growth.

The Novel Coronavirus has had a significant impact on visitor arrivals, especially from China, which accounts for around 20 per cent of international visitor arrivals.

Visitor arrivals from STB’s other key source markets are also expected to fall due to lower travel confidence globally. Based on the current situation, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) expects visitor arrivals this year to fall by about 25 to 30 per cent.

Chief Executive of Singapore Tourism Board (STB) Mr Keith Tan said: “Singapore’s tourism sector is facing its biggest challenge since SARS in 2003.

But unlike SARS, we are now better prepared and more resilient. Our destination remains attractive, we have a strong pipeline of tourism products, and our market portfolio is diverse.”

“The growth that we have enjoyed over the past four years reflects our strong tourism fundamentals,” he added. “With the support of the industry and through our joint task force, we will continue to build our capabilities, transform our tourism businesses, and rebound strongly from the Novel Coronavirus.”

The Tourism Recovery Action Task Force, or TRAC, will map out recovery strategies and plans for tourism in Singapore.

The taskforce will comprise tourism leaders from both the private and public sectors, to leverage the strengths of both sectors and to coordinate recovery efforts.

Their work will include identifying opportunities arising from the nCoV crisis, driving and implementing measures to instil confidence in Singapore’s tourism establishments, as well as co-creating and initiating recovery plans. More details will be announced at a later date.

To provide immediate support for affected tourism businesses, STB had earlier unveiled measures to waive license fees for hotels, travel agents and tourist guides, and to defray cleaning costs for hotels with suspected and confirmed cases of Novel Coronavirus. Additional support measures will be announced at the Budget on 18 Feb. 

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Anti CoronaVirus | Thermal Scanner | Thermal Camera | Thermal Imaging | Temperature Screening

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