CCTV Office Singapore

CCTV Office Singapore

CCTV Office Singapore

What is the cost of installing CCTV Office Singapore?

This is the first question that comes to the mind of anyone who wants to install a CCTV system in their home of office in Singapore. The cost of a CCTV system is important in making a decision. However, there are a wide range of options to choose from in the market. It can be hard to decide an exact unless you’ve done your research on CCTV systems and consulted an expert to pick the system that will work best for you. However, CCTV system costs don’t have to be very high. It all depends on your preference of CCTV system. The costs won’t be in thousand on dollars. You can get a good system within the range of $200 and $1500.

At one end, if your budget is really small, there are dummy cameras. But obviously that won’t film anything and is only there to act as a visual deterrent. However, this is not practical if you seriously need to protect your assets. On the other end, you can have a CCTV system that is connected to a monitoring service. This was you property remains secure even in your absence.

Choice of CCTV Office Singapore .

Now, for the price, it all depends on your choice of CCTV system. These are some of the options out in the market right now:

Dome CCTV camera: these dome shaped cameras are best for security of larger, public areas. The camera is inside the dome so no one can tell which direction the camera is filming. A dome camera price range is $200 to $400.

Hidden CCTV Cameras: if you want to keep your surveillance a secret, then you can use hidden CCTV cameras. A good option would be the wireless ones as they are easier to hide and also affordable.

Infrared security: these advanced cameras use infrared technology which can capture good quality footage even in poor light.  An infra- red camera price range is also $200 to $800.

Which system is suitable for you?

If you want something on the cheaper end, then you go for the simple indoor cameras or choose the dome cameras. However, if you want something hi-tech that will get you good quality footage indoors and outdoors, even in low light, you can invest in the wireless infrared camera.

Costs of CCTV also depend on the storage options of your CCTV footage. For storage you can use either a DVR or your computer. If you are using your computer, then all you have to do it connect it to the CCTV system. But for a DVR you will have to pay extra for the system. You can use either option, but make sure you keep track of your space. If it is limited then you will have to delete the old files regularly to store new footage. You can also us motion sensors, but those will cost extra.

In short, the more features you choose, more expensive your system will be.

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